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Controlled drug sales in Hong Kong, many legitimate lawyers swear drug shipments


Lo Wu Customs seized precursor chemicals cases this year increased by 2.4 times the chain

Shenzhen Luohu Customs recently announced that since the beginning of this year, 23 cases of precursor chemicals such as ephedrine and pseudoephedrine have been seized in the port of entry routes for tourists, a total of 64 kilograms of chemicals involved, an increase of 2.4 times from the previous month. According to the analysis of the Customs officers, smugglers made use of the policy differences between the Mainland and Hong Kong to buy a large amount of pharmaceuticals containing ephedrine from Hong Kong and smuggled them into the territory for processing and refining to produce "ice poison" for sale.

Seized ephedrine

Checked fake vitamins were checked August 16, the woman Lee immigration via Lo Wu Control Point, she walked hand in hand a suitcase through the customs inspection site. Customs officers will stop the inspection, Lee opened the trunk, while hurriedly looked at the luggage to the Commissioner, said: "I have nothing inside, you see, are some of the daily necessities, I am in a hurry Ah, let me go! "Her move to move away further aroused the suspicion of customs officers.

Customs officers carefully checked, found in the bottom of the tank 2 "vitamin", the jar looks very old packaging, customs officers to open the bottle and found two identical jar filled with completely different color tablets, pills have a Pungent bitter taste.

After the identification, the above items containing precursor chemicals "ephedrine" pills, net weight 1190 grams. At present, the case has been handed over to the anti-smuggling department. Afterwards, the parties admitted that this was the previous owner who handed over the goods to her after the goods were promised.

According to statistics from Luohu Customs, 23 cases of precursor chemicals such as ephedrine and pseudoephedrine were seized this year (up to August 20), up 2.4-fold over the previous month and a total of 64 kg of chemicals involved , Up 2.5 times from the previous month. In particular, since July, there have been 17 such cases, accounting for 70% of the number of cases seized this year. In the four days between August 8 and August 11, the Customs seized 8 of the cases and found 22.88 kg of ephedrine tablets.

According to reports, Luohu Customs seized these precursor chemicals cases, from the development of the previous hand with the goods to the "water" head disassembly of the goods, in the water and other places soliciting "water" into zero Transported into the country, they are mixed with ordinary drugs packaged in other daily groceries, with a very confusing.

According to the relevant data, ephedrine is an alkaloid extracted from plant ephedra and also can be obtained through chemical synthesis. It has a significant central stimulating effect and is a precursor for the manufacture of methamphetamine. Per 100 grams of "pseudoephedrine" can extract 28 grams of methamphetamine, the current market in Hong Kong "pseudoephedrine" pills each containing 0.06 grams of "pseudoephedrine", that is to say for every 60 pills 1 gram of ice can be refined, and each of this The retail price of such pills is about 0.5 Hong Kong dollars, low cost.

It is understood that China has successively established the system of production, operation, import and export licensing, purchase and sale of vouchers and verification system, limited supply system and transportation permit system of ephedrine, thus constituting the entire process management system from production to distribution and use. Nevertheless, cases of illegal use of ephedrine still occur. State Food and Drug Administration will "ephedrine" as a precursor of precursor materials, the implementation of strict control in the Mainland, if someone needs a large number of the purchase of this drug, you need to report to the local drug inspection department and the public security department. However, in Hong Kong, "ephedrine" drugs can be legally sold in the major pharmacies in Hong Kong without any major restrictions. In recent years, the crime of manufacturing synthetic drugs in the Mainland has increased rapidly. Smugglers make use of the policy differences between the Mainland and Hong Kong to buy large quantities of pharmaceutical preparations containing ephedrine from Hong Kong and smuggling them into the territory for processing.