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Yew medicine debut world pharmaceutical raw materials exhibition


Yew medicine debut world pharmaceutical raw materials exhibition to create a new image of "Taxus anti-cancer experts"

On June 26th, the 14th CPhI China Exhibition was grandly opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Yew Pharmaceutical debuted its brand new "Natural Yeast Extract" with a new image of "Taxus Anti-cancer Expert".

Taxus medicine booth image designed to Baolan and Su-white-based colors, style, atmosphere, exhibited paclitaxel, 10-DAB, docetaxel, cabazitaxel and other anti-tumor products. To reflect the concept of natural extracts, the booth is also placed in the yew bonsai. Yew medicine in the industry for the first time to "new experts in the field of anti-tumor yew" debut, by the merchants concerned about the show for three days, the exhibition has accumulated more than 200 intends to merchants, foreign merchants mainly from Japan and South Korea, India, Europe, etc. The country, to further open up the international market and lay a good foundation.

10-DAB becomes the hottest celebrity product on the booth at the Pharmaceutical Ingredients Show this year. 10-DAB is a precursor product for the synthesis of paclitaxel, docetaxel and cabazitaxel. It is extracted from the branches and leaves of Taxus chinensis and extracted through water, extracted, chromatographed and crystallized. Yew Pharmaceutical succeeded in revamping the 10-DAB production process last year, expanding its production volume to meet the needs of the international market. In this exhibition, there are an endless stream of customers negotiating the 10-DAB business, which laid the foundation for the expansion of the 10-DAB project and the establishment of a stable sales channel.

"Taxus anti-cancer expert" - yew medicine determined to become the most professional anti-cancer yew medicine enterprises. Since 1997, the company has planted large-scale yew trees to provide resource guarantee for the research and development and production of antitumor drugs. Its own research and development organization, Taxus Research Institute, with taxus as the main body of antineoplastic drugs, hired Dr. returnees leading new product development. At present, the company formed a paclitaxel-based anti-tumor line of products, each can extract 300 kg of paclitaxel finished. The paclitaxel product DMF has obtained the registration number of the US FDA (25759), and is registered in Korea, India, Iran, Belarus and other countries. Its products are exported to Canada, Belarus, South Korea, Europe and other countries and regions and praised by users. Last October, the anti-cancer injection line passed the new GMP certification.

The world pharmaceutical raw materials exhibition in the domestic pharmaceutical industry has a more authoritative position, held once a year, the exhibition is attractive to global buyers. The exhibition attracted more than 2,500 pharmaceutical companies from more than 20 countries and regions, and 45,000 professional visitors from home and abroad came to the site.