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Tianjin and medicine Kang Shuangkang portfolio exaggerated illegal sales were complaints


Most of the health-care products that are popular in the market are mostly consumers who pay attention to their efficacy and formula, but whether the quality of these health products is qualified and the production channels are legal or not are seldom concerned.

Hubei homologous Shuangqing Biotechnology Co., Ltd. sales of "Tianli Kangtai and Tianli Kangyuan" two health food products were accused of false propaganda, illegal sales, tax evasion, suspected MLM and so on many consumers were real-name reporting. Hubei Provincial Public Security Bureau, Food and Drug Administration, Wuhan Administration for Industry and Commerce and other departments to actively intervene in the investigation. After investigation, the above-mentioned two types of unlicensed products that pretend to be food products are manufactured by Tianjin Hezhi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Dagong Finance the first connection Tianjin and rule medicine, but has not been relevant stakeholders reply.

Public information shows that Tianjin Hezhi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992 with a registered capital of 38 million yuan and a fixed asset of 150 million yuan. It is a diversified production enterprise focusing on Chinese medicine, chemical medicine, health care products and medical devices.

The complainants Lee, Jia, Wang, Yao and other ways to report letters to the major news media reports, "Tianjin and governance medicine undocumented production, biochemical Co., Ltd. Hubei Shuangyuan Shuangqing illegal sales do not meet health Standard food materials. "

Reported that the Tianjin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and governance production, Hubei Province, the same source Shuangqing company's total distribution of counterfeit products, "Tianli Kangtai chicory chili powder and Tianli Kangyuan cattle bone marrow powder" to consumers mental and physical harm and have a significant Illegal and criminal behavior. It has reached thousands of sales teams throughout the country and has collected nearly 100 million yuan through private accounts of relatives.

According to the relevant food laws and regulations, "Tianli Kangyuan Bone Marrow Powder", "Tianli Kangtai Chicory powder" health care products is clearly beyond the composition of the category of beverage products, Tianjin and the rule of medicine is suspected of more than one, illegally expanding the scope of production And undocumented illegal production. Tianjin and the rule of medicine QS121406010026 In fact, the licenses for beverages, is not online promotion of "regenerative medicine, all-eniging nemesis magical health products" This is obviously false propaganda deliberately deceive consumers.

Relevant departments of health food products are not allowed to make exaggerated propaganda on multiple occasions, can not publicize the efficacy, can not mislead consumers, and relevant laws and regulations also have explicit provisions. Not to mention the food, it can not even promote what effect.

Noticed, Tianli Kangyuan bovine bone marrow powder and Condixtex powder two products were printed on the outer packaging of Chinese bone marrow health Association recommended products, the investigation found no record of the association any information. The company is located in:

Then there's still a daddy under high pressure. Therefore, I am afraid that is chase for profit.

In order to be able to untie the mystery of the product, whether or not there is a therapeutic effect reporter contacted the Hubei Shuangyuan Shuangqing dealer, the results of these two "magical" food to reporters surprised.

Tianli Kang yuan derived from the umbilical cord blood of cows derived from umbilical cord blood is stem cells. He has a magical effect of strengthening the bone marrow, regenerating the bone marrow, repairing the skeletal system and the nervous system, and increasing the body's immunity.

Tianli Contax Echinacea in the world's 5002 kinds of drug plants known as the king of cancer, the king of immunity.

The miraculous effect of Shunkang's combination is astonishing to the medical profession: he can basically bring the cancer patients who have only three months of life back to health. Diabetes patients, from the trouble of insulin, and gradually restore the body's various functions. Let patients with cerebral palsy stand up from this, so that patients with cerebral infarction sequelae, not only to speak, like normal life, Parkinson's patients will no longer tremble. Hypertensive heart disease and therefore away from us, he will get rid of rheumatoid bone disease brings us untold suffering, women are not in trouble for gynecological diseases, he will solve a variety of gynecological diseases ... ... He is the world's only by oral The treatment of various diseases stem cell products, get rid of the traditional treatment of medical treatment.

This is food, it is simply a panacea.

The distributor also said that their combination of Shuangkang will not only help cure diseases, but most importantly enable you to make big profits by selling products to consumers through "direct sales".


To pay 580 yuan to 11,600 yuan to become the same company in Hubei Shuangqing dealer. Through the development and replication of the off-line approach to obtain the performance off the assembly line commissioned, the week bonuses from 5,000 yuan to 80,000 yuan range, as well as vehicles, villa incentives. The company is located in:

Direct marketing management system through the Ministry of Commerce did not check to Hubei Province Shuangqing company's legitimate direct sales license, this sales model in accordance with the "Prohibition of pyramid schemes," the relevant provisions of pyramid schemes in line with the act. It is against the law to engage in the direct selling business without obtaining a direct sales license and will be punished accordingly. If the circumstances are serious, the company will bear legal liability. The company is located in:

According to the relevant provisions, individuals or units engaged in illegal business activities, suspected of one of the following circumstances, should be prosecuted: (1) the amount of personal illegal business more than 50,000 yuan, or the amount of illegal income of 10,000 yuan or more; (2) If the illegal operation amount of the unit is above 500,000 yuan or the amount of illegal gains is above 100,000 yuan, it shall be sentenced to not more than 5 years or not less than 5 years and not less than 1 times but not more than 5 times of the illegal gains according to Article 225 of the Criminal Law. fine.

It is also understood that Hubei Shuangqing Biotech Co., Ltd. is registered in Evergreen Garden, Dongxihu District, Wuhan City. Its business scope does not include the operation of food products.

The letter also said the letter, Tianjin and the rule of medicine in the absence of production approval document without the production license, and the product box said the composition of chicory powder, Tianjin and the pharmaceutical industry in the production process using the state banned alternatives, according to The evidence provided by the informant, such as the contract, shows that the two products of "Tianli Kangtai and Tianli Kangyuan" are not self-owned products of Tianjin Hezhi Pharmaceutical, but are processed by an agency named Sino-American Innovation International Co., Ltd. . The contract stipulated in accordance with the price of 0.11 yuan per bag fee processing fee, but also agreed by the Tianjin and governance pharmaceutical companies to assist clients entrusted processing health food legal processing. It is self-evident that the use of already-obtained production licenses to de-brand other products for others is a "trickery."

The informants claimed that they did not find any relevant information on Sino-American Innovation International Co., Ltd. after multiple inquiries.

Dagong Choi Jingjing noticed that the news on the illegal production and sales of the two products of "Tianli Kangtai and Tianli Kangyuan" has been repeatedly exposed by the media, and Tianjin and Chihli Pharmaceutical have also been involved for a long time. To borrow the media sentence: "What is the temptation to benefit such an old pharmaceutical company that has a history of more than 20 years and made such a low-level mistake as to suspected illegal production of a therapeutic food that is not compatible with the production license of No. 1? Knowingly or for a moment negligence? ", We do not know. In recent years, according to relevant media reports Tianjin and rule medicine repeatedly exposed because of violations. Recently, Jiangsu Food and Drug Administration announced in March 2014 illegal drugs medical equipment health food ads, Tianjin and governance medicine again on the list.